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22 June 2007 @ 08:09 pm
I hate my mum. And I hate my life.
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06 May 2007 @ 10:34 am
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That's it folks xD Emma is going friends only from now on... except maybe for the occasional post xD Comment here if you would like to be added to my friends and the chances are i'll accept you, 'cause I like making new friends <33

Lovely FO banner made by the one and only Sheena!
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05 May 2007 @ 06:02 pm
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04 May 2007 @ 08:30 pm
So I've started at my new job. I now work in ze Aviater pub which is like a 5 minute walk from my house ker-ching!! I had my first shift on Sunday which was pretty slow, there wern't many people in but that gave me a chance to get to grips with pulling pints and using the till xD Then on Wednesday, I didn't realise there was a really big footy match on, Man U vs someone or other to win a place in the final of something or other. So I didn't know that there was going to be so many people. I got there just before seven and it was quite quiet.... then....... KABOOOM!!! In comes a very very long que of thirsty looking people, ready to eat peanuts and drink beer all evening. I swear one of them was under the age of eighteen and in the year below me but i was too scared to ask and it was so busy I just had to roll with it. The amount of times I had to top up people's beers because I made it too frothy was rediculous. But I got through it, 7 till 10:45. I wasn't really very well but was going to go to college on Thursday but I got home from work and was sick so I had another day in bed le wewt.

In other news, I'm booking tickets to go to see Wicked on 14th July, if mum lets me use her card lmao xD It's Adam's, Helen's and Martin's last performances os I hope I can book them.
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29 April 2007 @ 08:44 pm
So I havn't updating in a while, I have lots of exciting (for me anyway lol)things to say. Yesterday I went to see the best show I have ever seen in my 18 years on this planet xD Yes ladies and gentlemen I am indeed talking about Wicked! What else xD Omg words cannot even describe it's amazingness <333

Had to go into modern in the morning till 12pm first and then practically run home and speedly get ready into my green dress, cropped leggings, green shoes and green accessories xD Noticing a pattern there? Then I had to drive really fast and pick up Sam and floor it to Huntingdon train station and meet Carly so we could catch the last direct train to London of the day at 1:25pm, we just made it xD And David text us so we could meet up when we got there. He is so lucky to be a Londoner xD We got into London about 2:30pm and took the tube to Covent Garden and met David xD We went in the Dress Circle merchandise shop.... which is like heaven for musical theatre geeks... YOU CAN ACTUALLY BUY MARY POPPIN'S UMBRELLA!! But I didn't lmao xD I couldn't find the Wicked London poster but I was tempted to get the Gershwin poster, but I resisted until next time xD
We then went and got the tube to Bond Street and went into Selfridges to get Krispy Kreme! xD We got a box of a dozen assorted doughnuts, you wouldn't think we were dancers would you? xD And I bought a chocolate dream cake doughnut too xD Then we lugged the huge doughnut box around and went to Primark, or as we like to name it Primada, to make it sound posh lmao. Primada is basically a huge clothes shop with really really cheap clothes! xD It was so busy in there though and the ques for the tills were so long, like all the way round the top floor of the shop, so David and I got in the que and Sam and Carly went around looking for stuff to buy xD Sam found a really pretty skirt but the ques for the changing room were too long so she tried it on in the middle of the shop lmao xDD I got two sets of bangles, one set are deep purple and the other set are, you guessed it, green xD They were only £1 per set xD I also picked up a really pretty floral bag in blues and greens and creams and that was only £4 xD Then Sam and Carly joined us in the que and Sam had the cutest white bag and I was like "I quite like that, were there anymore?" And after standing in the que for like 45mins I didn't wanna leave it so Carly went and got me one xD Also £4, when we finally reached the till everyone was like wooohoooo, because it was ten to six and we needed to go and get dinner xD So I got two bags and two sets of bangles for only £10!! Bragain I say xD
We then ran to the tube station and got it to Victoria, where we then took some pictures before going to Pizza hut (nice and healthy lmao xD). Outside the tubestation there was a really funny lady who had a rude slogan on her shirt and a cowboy hat, so they dared me to pull a face and point discreetly xD We aren't mean honestly. So please excuse the funny facial expression lmao xD
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Me pointing at the lady and Sam laughing xD

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The theatre!! <333 Best show ever!

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Carly, me, Sam and David xDD Such a great day!

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We really liked the look of the building so Sam, Carly and David tried imitating the photo xD

Then we got back on track and went to pizza hut where we had to order quickly and eat quickly to get to the theatre in time to raid the merchandise stall xD We all had cheese pizza xDD And took a few pictures but Sam hasn't sent me them yet, so they will come later lol xD Then we were like "check please" *throw money and dash back to the theatre*
We then said byeee to David and thanked him for showing us round xD He really is so lucky to live in London xD We walked in and right by the door is the Oz Dust Boutique!! Oh it's so fabulous, and there in the middle was the DG snowglobe that had my name on it xD And it's almost ten pounds cheaper than the website xD So I was like "I'll take the glitter globe please, and urrrrrm.....*looks*..... *looks at all the beautiful jewelry*.... Omg I don't know what to get!" I was there about ten minutes picking stuff lmao, in the end I decided on the snow globe, the Elphie necklace, the Wicked Day 2006 charm and a programme xDD The others bought a key ring and a programme each xDD

Then it was time to go and take our seats in the most amazing seats ever!! I'm not even kidding, they were fabulous seats. We were in row L of the upper circle, I was seat 45, Sam seat 46, and Carly seat 47... only they are afraid of heights so they freaked out when they walked in there lmao xD Then the lights went out, the announcement came and went and the show began. Out from the pit blasted the familiar overture of No One Mournes the Wicked and I sat back (well on the edge of my seat) ready to enjoy the show. Then came the most powerful Ensemble I think I've ever heard in a musical singing "GOOOD NEEEEEEEWS, SHE'S DEAAAAAAAD etc" xD And throwing streamers everywhere which was just fab xD Then descended Glinda in her bubble and everyone clapped xD To which she said "It's good to see me, isn't it?" tehe, I was like *squeeeee*. Helen made a fab Glinda in my opinion, there were a few notes that wavered vocally but it must be hard to sing putting on an accent and she played the part really well.... putting her own stamp on the role. In Dear Old Shiz, when Kerry walked on, she looked so cute! and everyone cheered xDD And you couldn't help but go "awwwwww" when she was walking round the stage. And Galinda's entrance was really funny xDD We now have Susie Blake in Wicked London and I must say she was absolutely fabulous. She sounded a lot like the OBC Madam Morrible Carole Shelley, and played the role perfectly! I was really looking forward to The Wizard and I, it being one of my many favourite Wicked songs. And I really was not dissapointed. Kerry Ellis really is the perfect Elphaba for Wicked London. The way she starts out holding back a little and then gradually building it up. She makes her singing sound as if it requires no effort to hit all the notes spot on pitch and fantasticlly. She isn't a big riffer but her clarity and tone is just wow. Her "WITH MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" and "THE WIZARD... AND IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" gave me goosebumps, it was fabulous. Kerry really has brought something brilliant to the role of Elphaba. What is This Feeling was just great in every way, the little things Helen and Kerry did in it were so great, especially Kerry's imitation of Helen in the "Your voice" line, she got it spot on and I laughed like a loon xD And she really scared her when she snuck up behind her, it was great xD Then it was time for Martin Ball yay! Martin Ball is so sweet xD Again played the role of Dr Dillamond really, really well xD I loved the bit before Something Bad where they were sharing lunch together, so cute xD Aaaah then it was Adam Garcia's - the love god - first entrance on stage, I love hi entrance, it's so funny xDD And Dancing Through Life was spectacular, he has a gorgeous voice, the dancing was fab, with really pretty lifts and partner work from the Ensemble. And OMG BOQ is Scottish, his accent wins on so many levels of awesome xDD And when Elphie came the the ballroom in her hat, you just wanted to hug her, she's so cute!! I love the Elphie dance xDD It's now gonna be the new Let's go down to the disco routine and it's key word phrase is "Do the Elphie!!" Popular... needs nothing said about it, totally awesome, Helen was so funny and they did it so well... Kerry and Helen have such great chemistry xD Eeeep and I'm Not That Girl, omg I loved it, I actually was worshipping Kerry at this point, and this was before we'd got to the show stopper, Defying Gravity xD One Short Day was great, I loved all the costumes and the sets are amazing. There was a girl wearing green pointe shoes, how fab is that?! xDD Nigel Planer makes a good Wizard xDD Everyone is just so talented in it. Words cannot describe my gratitution at my mum for getting me the tickets xDD Defying Gravity, omfg Defying Gravity, now I know Idina is fabulous and totally rocks the song but omg Kerry Ellis, she brought tears to my eyes literally. Words just cannot express the way she sang this song, flawless in every single way! The growl type thing she does on "LOOOOOOOOOOK" in Look to the western sky was just mind boggling. At those last bits of the song all you could was tune into her, I actually couldn't hear the ensemble or Glinda singing because you couldn't help but only look to and listen to Kerry xD

End scene, lights come up, look at Sam and Carly (who has also got tears in her eyes!) And just can't help but have a grin on my face, which was actually there from when No One Mournes the Wicked had started xD And then a guy came round with a big black satchel on shouting "PROGRAMMES, CD!" and I was like "Eeeek I wanna get a CD so I have a real copy" *gets up and runs after the man*... those green monkey's attatched to his bag are freaky looking I tell you, freaky. I then persuaded Carly to get the CD too xD *evil cackle* I want a London cast recording to be made avec Kerry Ellis.
Lights go down, curtain comes up, entre act begins from the orchestra pit! Eeeeeeeeep it's a Kylie song coming up xD Thank Goodness tehe. It was so cute, and funny and even sad at points in this scene and was played really well xD Eeeep! And omg the Wicked Witch of the East, why is this not included on the CD??? It needs to be! Such an amazing scene! Katie Rowley Jones (Nessa) has a beautiful voice, who would of thought she did her law degree and then was like "huh, I wanna act and sing now". Just not fair xD But yea it was a great song, I love all the chanting of ther spells from the Grimmerie too, just so good xD You really feel bad for Nessa in some points but then not at others, and poor Boq... poor Scottish accented Boq xDD Loved it, loved it, loved it. Hehe and Wonderful was again tres good. I love the rhythm of this song and the way Elphie and The Wizard interact with each other throughout the song xD Aaaaaaah this show is so fantabulous! And awwr the scene with Elphie and Dr Dillamond, *sniffle* awwwwwwr. And then magnificent Fiyero bursting in, be still my beating heart. Adam Garcia yay xD Although poor Glinda I felt really sorry for her. Helen captured the emotions perfectly. As Long As Your Mine omfg, omfg! So much passion in like four minutes! Love it, love it, love it. They have so much chemistry, you can just feel the whole thing through the theatre. Argh it's amazing, although I really wanted to be Elphaba when they kept kissing. So jealous lmao xD Have to say heheheh the witch fight is actually so, so hilarious, I love it. Especially when Glinda twirls her wand, lmao fab xDD Trying not to give stuff away so I won't say anymore on the scene xD Eeeeek No Good Deed.... OMFG NO GOOD DEED! Just when you think Kerry can't get any better, you get completly blown away with NGD! Fantastic, so much enerygy and passion, and the staging effects are just amazing. She does it so well, just too good for words xD And when you think the ensemble couldn't be better, March of the Witch Hunters comes on! They are so powerful and really gave me goosebumps with this song, so well done. And eeeeek For Good, I actually cried. Aaaaaaah it's gorgeous, Kerry and Helen are just, omg so many emotions going on. They just make your heart melt. It's so amazing. I can't say anymore because I don't wanna give away any of the ending let's just say, it was so fabulous. I didn't want it to end at all. Curtain call came, I cheered and whooped for the ensemble, I screamed and *squeeed* When Adam came on for his bow, and whooooooped and cheered even louder when Kerry and Helen came on! Almost the whole theatre stood up to applaud all the performer's hard work! Just shows how amazing this show really is! I'm sure the people next to me were glad to be rid of me as I cheered after nearly every song they sang during the show lmao xD But omg I can't believe I've finally seen it. I just, omg *crieS* just so......... aaaaaaaaaah xDD

Lights come up, curtain falls, everybody leaves. We get out as quick as possible to get a good spot at the stage door xD Yush hehehe we missed the 11pm train to go and meet the cast, it was well worth it, it really was. I've never been stage dooring before and I'm so glad there was a pen burried in my bag lmao xD First out was James Gillian aka Boq... and he signed by his little biography in the book xD He wasn't all that chatty to be honest but hey xD Then some of the ensemble members were next and they were so lovely, stopped for a chat even though they probably wanted to get home and go out on the town with Sunday being their only day off. The understudy for Nessarose was lovely, we asked her - as people who aspire to persue this career - whether it is all worth it in the end, and she said "Omg yes it really is worth it, I love it." and she asked us what we wanted to do and we said about going to performing colleges in September and she asked us where abouts and said "Wow, all the best for September and I hope to be in a show with you all in the future" How sweet is that! xD Next out was Katie (Nessarose)and she was also really lovely, and quite chatty, asked us whether we had enjoyed the show and we said omg loved it, was *sorry about the pun* Wicked xD And told her that she had a beautiful voice, because she really does xD Then it was Coronation Streets Susie Blake xD Hehe she was also really lovely and chatting, asking us what we thought of the show and whether we enjoyed it xD Then it was, ADAM GARCIA aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, *squeals* I jumped about while waiting for him to make his was down the que of people xD And when he reached me I just had this startstruck, awed smile as he signed my programme, and then I was like "Can I have my picture taken with you please?" And he.... PUT HIS ARM AROUND ME!!!!" I nearly died, I swear I am never, washing my coat again, argh it was amazing, I havn't got the photo from Sam, but I have a big goofy smile xD Although he wasn't completely looking at the camera because a mob of drunk girls on a tip out across the street had spotted him and were like ADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM! lmao xD So he is laughing XD. This one girl came across and was like, "Excuse me Adam, but would you sign my chest please" we burst out laughing and he looked at her and was like "Wow a chest *sign" lmao was so funny, he looked a little taken aback at first xD I think that was probably one of the highlights from the stage door experience xD A girl coming over and asking if he would sign her basooma xDD Ahem anyway xD After he had signed Carly and Sam's programme, we all had a picture with him. Please excuse my demon eyes lmao xD

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The sex god, Me (could that smile actually be anymore cheesy?), Carly and Sam. Be still my beating heart xD

Next out was the amazing Kerry Ellis.Now I want to know how someone can do a three hour show, come off, scrub green off her face and body and come out the stage door looking absolutely stunning?! How is it possible people? How!! But anyway she was lovely, signed our programmes xD Wasn't really really chatty but then I guess a part like that 8 shows a week, one day off must drain you. But she was gracious. And we had our photo taken with her too xD

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Kerry Ellis, Me (with another cheesy grin and serious demon eyes going on), Carly and Sam. Need I saw more, how can someone look that gorgeous after a three hour show covered in green makeup? She is such a sweetie pie xD

Then last of all was Helen Dallimore xD Another quiet person but very gracious and asked us (like Kerry) if we had enjoyed the show. To which of course we were like, omfg yes!! xDD And she signed our programmes in the fabulous silver sharpie xD And posed for a picture and she also looks absolutely stunning! How? How after a performance, it's not fair!

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Helen, Me (why do I have such stupid eye colour that makes them go demony lmao xD), Carly and Sam.

All in all the best evening of my life, show = amazing, stage door = tres tres fun. And we were only there about 45mins in total xD

The we walked over to the tube station, which is conveniently opposite the theatre to catch a tube to Kings Cross for the horrible diverted train journey home xD We got to Kings cross and it said on the board, passengers going to huntingdon should walk to the Kings Cross Thames link... so we were like "Shite what if we miss the train?" and practically power walked to the other station to get the train. Which arrived at like 11:45 instead of 12:15, so that was a stroke of luck. Our train was really diverted though. Instead of the quick one way trip from London to Huntingdon, we had to go from, Kings Cross Thames link to Luton Airport Parkway, get off at Luton, get on a bus to take us to Hitchin, then back onto the train to go to Huntingdon... which added about an hour onto our journey... not to mention the fact that we got to Hitchin at like 1am and our train wasn't arriving until 1:53am and there was no where in doors for us to sit and wait, and it was extremely nippy noodles! We ended up taking refuge in the ladies toilets xD

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Isn't it just thrilling lol xD

But our train arrived eventually and the journey from Hitchin to Huntingdon wasn't too bad, we were back by twenty past two and then floored it home to go to bed xD I could not have asked for a better day, thankyou to Carly, David and Sam... you guys are the best xD And a big thankyou to Kerry Ellis, Helen Dallimore, Adam Garcia, Martin Ball, James Gillan, Katie Rowley Jones, Susie Blake, Nigel Planer and all the ensemble and cast of Wicked for the most amazing performance ever. Something I will never ever forget! I'll get some pictures of my merchandise xDD

Bring on booking to go see it in May xDD

Emz xoxoxoxoxoxox
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1. Story behind your MySpace song?
It's a remix of Defying Gravit sung by my iconista Idina and one of my friends told me about a dream she had where she was in a club and they were playing a remix of DG and it went "Something has changed within me me me me me memememememememmemee *really clubby music*" and I heard the song and just thought of her and it then had to be my profile song xD

2.Whats bothering you right now?
I have done no work for college, I've eaten too much and I'm looking flabby in the stomach area, I have two auditions at the weekend and a singing performance eeek, my ear hurts and is making washing machine noises oooh er

3. Where do you live?
St IVes - not the St Ives on Devon or where ever but the good St Ives, St Ives in Cambridge.... aka Cambridge which is renowned for it's uni and whenever you go abroad and you say where your from the locals go, "Cambridge?.... oh Cambridge, bicycles!" because everyone in the city rides bikes... except for me, because I can't xD


4. Wallet?
Big pink Radley purse which my brother got me for my bday it has a little scottie dog on the front (I'm not a dog fan but it is sooo cute)... and it's well... empty I don't dare open it moths would probably fly out. It's fully of bank cards and Disneyland receipts and some pictorals. And the dreaded Driving Liscense with a photo that makes me look like a man.

6. Background on your cell phone?
Amy and me hugging on my 17th bday

7. Jewelry today?
Four glittery green bangles *clink clink*

8. Where your default picture was taken:
Okay this is on myspace lol so if you havn't seen my myspace you won't know what I'm talking about - it as taken in my house, I took it myself and I was being a big poser

9. your eyes:
Blue - some say they look like mucky puddles but I like to think they look like the ocean xD

10. Life:
Is going quite well.... gonna be a stressful rest of the year at college but as long as I can keep the weight off and get more toned again it's all good.

11. House:
House sized, not big not small.... although my room is wardrobe sized.


14. Doing this weekend?
Saturday: Bird audition, Singing performance for old people
Sunday: Masters audition, learning monologues

15. Wearing?
Tinkerbell socks, grey shorts (because I did my wayne sleep video), white vest top, white sequin headband

16. Wanting??
Red low top converse, to see Wicked now, to go and live in New York for a year or two.

17. Where are you?
My bed.

18. Listening to?
Eastenders on the TV, because.... I have no life xD

20. What do you smell?
I smell the smelly smell of something smelly! Not really

21. Eating?

22. Do you believe in love?
Open up your eyes then you'll realise here is standing my everlasting love! Yush I do with the right person

23. Do you believe in soul mates?
*raises eyebrow intellectually* Yush in some cases, I'm still looking for mine

24. Do you sleep naked?
How pervy... no I do not

25. Do you like seafood?
Nope, I don't eat meat and I have never eaten any type of sea food it smells like it tastes, which is gross.... plus I'm scared of the sea and it's contents.

26. Do you remember your dreams?
Why yush, yush I do

27. Do you consider yourself a study freak?
Hah! No

30. Do you burn easily in the sun?
Yes, I burn like a lobster I have to wear like factor 50 and I still burn xD But I don't like getting a tan because it makes me look dirty. I'll stay pale coloured thanks xD

31. Do you speak another language other than English?
Bon jour mon petits amis xD I can speak basic French from GCSE and some extremly basic German xD

32. Do you belive in miricles?
Miracles happen once in a while when yoy believeeeeeeeee *bursts into song*

33. What did you do last weekend?
Had an Easter partay at Sams house xD

34. Who do you miss?
Amy quite a lot because I don't see her as often

36. Have you ever been in a beauty pageant?
Hah no! Have you seen me?

37. Orange or apple juice?
Usually neither but I'll go with orange.

38. Who were the last people you went out to Dinner with?
Urrrm I don't remember I don't enjoy going out with friends for meals because I hate eating in front of people because of my braces xZ

39. What was the last text message you sent?
Oh god I really don't know that's how much I use my phone xD

40. Last text message you recieved from?
Sam I think

41. Last time you ate a home grown tomato?
Never, tomatoes = rough

What happened to 42, 43, and 44?? *sings to fill in the gap*

45. The most annoying sound(s) in the world?
Nails on a chalk board *cringe*, my ex's singing

46. Last thing you ate?
Leek and potato soup with pasta and sunflower seeds

47. Last person you hugged?

48. Who do you hate right now?
No one I'ma genteel being me xD

49. Who was the last person you visited in the hospital?
Well it was me in hospital so myself xD

50. when was the last time u laughed so hard u cried?
A couple of weeks ago xD

Hehehe schteal for your own journals xD
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20 April 2007 @ 06:56 pm
Sorry guys... last update I said I would update the next day about the partay and with pictures... but I was too lazy so I promise it will come sometime during the week. I have been a big lazy blob this week, doing not much and eating too much I feel all flabby and yucky lmao xD Not good when I'll be at Bird audition tomorrow with a load of tall skinny twigs but what can ye do? My signed programme from Wicked arrived today!! I have something Idina Menzel has actually touched!! xDD Do I sound creepy and stalkerish? Yes?.... Good xD I was sitting my the letter box all morning waiting for the posty to come up ze front garden path in his blue posty trousers and red farmless fleece type thing and I practically jumped up and yanked open the door when he rang the bell with my programme because it was too big for the letter box xD Ooooh it's so pretty and shiny shiny!! xD Now I;m awaiting my signed photo of Idina xDD

So yea on Saturday - tomorrow - I have my audition for Bird College in London so wish me luck... it's at 1:45pm till 6:45pm and I have a ballet class, jazz class, musical theatre workshop, solo song, solo acting piece and hopefully a physio examination xD.... then I have to rush home trying to avoid traffic and get to Ramsy for a singing performance for some old peoples. I'ma singing Popular, In His Eyes with Sam and What is This Feeling with Jenni xD So hopefully they oldies will like those tehe xD
Then as if that isn't enough I have my audition for Masters College in Essex... which starts at 10am.... that means leaving the house at 6:30am!! OMG I have to be up at like 5 to do my hair and make up etc yurch I'll end up looking like Coco the Clown putting make up on at that time in the morning. And I still havn't learnt my monologue or choreographed my dance for my MT exam or learnt my poem for Speech and Drama or finished learning my Billy Shakers monologue for Individual acting.... I shall be doing that Suntag night xD

For now peace out!! Tehe xD

Emz xoxo
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14 April 2007 @ 11:58 pm
Okay so I just got back from Sam's easter party and I'ma had a little too much to drink... I'll write full update tomorrow avec pics and maybe vids toooo xD I just wanted to give credit to Kylie for my fabulous new icons... the lovely girl made me 33 Idina icons which I shall be rotating around xD I love them all and she is a great chumletto <333333

Emz xoxo
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13 April 2007 @ 08:39 pm
Okay so I was tres bored today and instead of using my time wisely and doing college work xD I procrastinated and made a Maureen vid xD Because Maureen is my fav character in REnt and one day I shall play her on le West End revival xDD Hehe... enjoy! xD

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13 April 2007 @ 09:29 am
Hehe not much went on yesterday after I posted xD I went to dancing got payed a tenner for helping with the two babies show rehersals ker ching! That went straight into my Wicked merchandise/London fund in my elebank xDD I think I have like just over £60 now lol xD

Okay onto ze present for Kylie xD My very first Rent fanvid, dedicated to her <33

Lobe you long time chumlette, I hope you like eeet <3333

Emz xoxo
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